About Us

Our Vision:

Inspiring and Nurturing Lifelong Learners

Our Mission:


Our mission is to provide a nurturing, safe, developmentally appropriate environment for children, from infancy through school age, meeting their academic needs, fostering self-worth, confidence, independence and empathy while providing the tools for successful transitioning through the various stages of development.

We incorporate the learning goals from the New York State Early Learning Guidelines & The New York State Prekindergarten Foundations in a meaningful way that makes sense to the children and sparks their curiousity and desire to learn.

Our Philosophy & Goals


  • We believe that every child is worthwhile and deserves a purposeful place to be.
  • We are committed to providing a home-like environment where a child’s natural curiosity is nurtured and their exuberance encouraged.
  • We invite our children and their families to rejoice with us in the power of play where learning comes through discovery and hands-on experiences fostering freedom and creativity.
  • We recognize that early literacy is tantamount to educational success and pledge to immerse every child in a literacy-rich environment engaging in lively conversations, enriching experiences, constant interaction and utilizing abundant and varied materials.
  • We use positive reinforcement techniques empowering our children to take risks (always supervised and within the parameters of safety) so as to become confident and independent, aiding and enabling their physical, social/emotional as well as intellectual development.
  • We utilize routines in our classroom not only to create a calm, secure environment but also to show the children the necessity of rules for cooperative living.
  • We are fortunate that our pastoral setting allows our children to spend time outdoors celebrating nature, giving us the opportunity to impart and share our respect and empathy for all living things.
  • We endeavor to expand each child’s experience and strive to be a place where cultural differences and those with physical and intellectual challenges become part of their landscape, accepted and melded into their everyday life.
  • We accept and follow the guidelines set forth by the National Association for the Education of Young Children for high-quality programming and keep abreast of the latest research insuring that our curriculum is always developmentally appropriate.
  • We pledge to our staff, as we do to our children and their families, a warm, nurturing, intellectually stimulating place to be where mutual respect, sharing, partnership and sense of family abounds.